This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 766186.

Project Meetings and Training Events

Bi-annual ECOLE Project Meeting

Bi-annual ECOLE Project Meeting

The Bi-annual ECOLE Project Meeting contains research progress report by ESRs, discussions about the training plan and high-quality workshops.

May 20-22, 2019, Birmingham, United Kingdom

May 20: Workshop held for ESRs, on “Machine Learning approaches to Engineering Data Optimisation”.

Talks given by University of Birmingham academic staff as follows:
  • Leandro Minku (UoB) Talk title: “Statistical Comparison of Algorithms”
  • Peter Tino (UoB) Talk title: Dynamical Systems as Feature Representations for Learning from Temporal Data”
  • Ata Kaban (UoB) Talk title:Structure-aware Learning with Random Projections”
  • Per Kristian Lehre (UoB) Talk title: Self-adaptation in Evolutionary Computation”
  • Zhao Xu Talk (NEC) Talk title: “Deep latent variable models”


May 21: Project management meeting. ESRs will also be given the opportunity to present and discuss their research topic, any new findings and allow for feedback from project supervisors.

May 22: ECOLE first “Project Check” meeting with the EU officer. Updates and discussion around project progression over the last 6-12months since the start of the project.

November 28-30 2018, Leiden, Netherlands

November 28: Social activities organised for the ESRs and project team members.

November 29: Workshop held for ESRs on “Vision on Industry 4.0”.

Scientific talks given as follows:
  • Gédo Kuiper, Talk title: “Introduction Vision on Industry 4.0”
  • Bas van Stein, Talk title: “Deep Steel, Optimizing Networks to Discover Defects on Steel Surfaces”.
  • Hao Wang, Talk title: “Anomaly Detection in High Dimensional Space for Industrial Application”
Afternoon Workshop held for ESRs on “Complex and Large Optimisation”. Scientific talks given as follows:
  • Michael Emmerich, Talk title: “Introduction Complex and Large Optimization. Duration”.
  • Hao Wang, Talk title: “Efficient Global Optimization for Complex Search Space. Duration”.
  • Kaifeng Yang, Talk title: “Towards Multi-objective Bayesian Global Optimization. Duration”.


November 30: Project scientific discussions. ESRs had the opportunity to present their research topics. Presentations given by project beneficiaries Dr Zhao Xu, (NEC) and Dr Stefan Menzel, (HRI-EU).

ECOLE Training events:

2nd Dortmund-Bielefeld Summer School on Time Series Analysis

September 9th – 13th, 2019, Bielefeld, Germany

Sibghat Ullah

  • Discussions on Bayesian Time Series Modeling
  • Structural Vector Auto Regressive Analysis
  • Non Causal and Non Invertible Time Series Analysis
  • Categorical Time Series Analysis and State Space Modeling

1st ECOLE summer school

July 29th-30th, 2019, Leiden, Netherlands

Students presented their recent publications, and discussed their approach in writing the publication as well as struggles within the process. The collaboration between ESRs are emphasized.

ECOLE social media details are discussed, including blog setup, target audience and company page for LinkedIn. Fay is responsible for updating ECOLE instagram, Sibghat is responsible for updating ECOLE LinkedIn and Thiago is responsible for updating ECOLE twiiter.

Leandro Minku (UoB) Talk Title: “Statistical Comparison of Algorithms — Part 2

Enrique Alba (University of Malaga) Talk Title: “Parallel Experiences in Solving Complex Problems

Patricia Wollstadt (HRI) Talk Title: “Network Inference

Giuseppe Visimberga (Leiden) Talk Title: “Technology and Business Transfer

Bas van Stein (Leiden) Talk Title: “Deep-learning”

ECOLE Management Meeting

Project management meeting via teleconference to discuss project progression and planning.

Project management meeting. Updates on project progression.

An initial project kick off meeting, discussing general plans for the project, commencing the recruitment process and what strategy to undertake for this.

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