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International Summer School

In addition to summer schools hosted and organised by the ECOLE project for the ECOLE ESRs, we have also co-organised a summer school with IEEE so that our ESRs could mix with other peers and learn from each other. The following summer school had substantial input from the ECOLE team members.


IEEE CIS Summer School on Data-Driven Artificial/Computational Intelligence: Theory and Applications, 23-26 August 2021, Virtual Event 

Co-Chairs: Ke Li (University of Exeter) and Leandro Minku (University of Birmingham) 


Data has been playing an ever-growing role in artificial/computational intelligence. Such role goes beyond its typical use in neural networks and learning systems, encompassing also evolutionary and other meta-heuristic optimization algorithms. The objective of this summer school was to provide a unique and vibrant platform for learning and experiencing the emerging methodologies and applications of artificial/computational intelligence highly related to data. It will offer keynotes, invited lectures, tutorials and discussion groups from high-profile UK and international experts. The summer school targeted senior undergraduate, graduate students, post-doc, early career researchers and professionals from around the world who are willingly to deepen their skills in computational intelligence, in the field of artificial/computational intelligence. It provided a unique opportunity for participants to 1) learn about artificial/computational intelligence approaches and their applications; 2) interact with world-renowned experts in computational intelligence; and 3) communicate with experts and peers with a broad range of backgrounds to exchange ideas and form new collaborations. It was open both to ESRs and other attendees. Keynote speakers included Prof. Tim Menzies (North Carolina State University, USA), Prof. Yaochu Jin (University of Surrey, UK), Prof. Bernhard Sendhoff (Honda Research Europe, Germany), Prof. Xin Yao (Southern University of Science and Technology, China, and University of Birmingham, UK). Tutorial speakers included Prof. Jiayu Zhou (Michigan State University, USA) and Prof. Ata Kaban (University of Birmingham, UK). Lecture speakers included Prof. Yanan Sun (Sichuan University, China), Prof. Gabriela Ochoa (University of Stirling, UK), Dr. Yuan Yuan (Michigan State University, USA), Prof.  Liang Feng (Chongqing University, China), Prof. Shiping Wen (University of Technology Sydney, Australia), Prof. Manuel Roveri (Politecnico di Milano, Italy), Dr. Hao Wang (Leiden University, Netherlands), Dr. Per Kristian Lehre (University of Birmingham, UK).