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ECOLE Programme

EventLead institutionPurpose
1-day seminarHRI-EUPractical applications of multi- and many objective design optimisation in automotive industry
1-day seminarHRI-EURepresentations for design optimisation of complex bodies in automotive industry
1-day seminarHRI-EUCurrent state of industrial meta-model supported design optimisation of vehicles
Summer school (SS2)NECKnowledge transfer on Bayesian Inference, Probabilistic Graphical Models, Gaussian Processes, Bayesian Latent Variable Models and Topic Models, Representation Learning and Deep Nets
1-day seminarHRI-EUData mining and knowledge extraction of industrial car body data
WorkshopNECTraining on machine learning techniques for complex data analysis such as unstructured text data, time series data, and network data
HRI-EGN Symposium (SS3)HRI-EUHRI-EGN event for broad scientific exchange (attended by all PhD students and selected Master/Diploma students supported by HRI-EU)
1-day seminarHRI-EUProduct lifecycle management in automotive industry in the light of Industry 4.0
Summary of AM, RST and PCST available to ESRs
Nature Inspired Search and Optimisation: A comprehensive introduction to the field of natural inspired optimisation, covering theories, algorithms and applications.
Intelligent Data Analysis: A comprehensive introduction to statistical pattern analysis, high-dimensional data mining, and text mining.
Machine Learning: Advanced topics in machine learning, covering several forms of supervised, semi-supervised and unsupervised learning, in both theories and applications.
Multiple-Criteria Optimisation and Decision Analysis: Theoretical foundations, algorithms, and application techniques of multi-objective optimisation.
Advances in Data Mining: Recent developments in data mining for classification, regression and clustering and beyond, dealing with massive data sets. Techniques for distributed data mining (e.g., Hadoop).
Evolutionary Algorithms: State-of-the-art in evolutionary computation; including efficient optimisation techniques (i.e., small number of function evaluations).
Research Skills: Including literature review, academic writing, referencing, LATEX, presentations, etc.
Reading Groups: In reading group meetings, ESRs will discuss his/her work to the rest of the group on a rotating basis and strengthen their communication skills and confidence in presenting their work.
Research Seminars: In seminars, primarily given by external speakers, ESRs will network with leading professionals and extend their research insights.
Outreach training courses: Half-day course focusing on the effective communication of research to wider public and academic community.
Time management course: Half-day course discusses planning techniques and resources for time management, helping students to prioritise to-do lists.
Speed reading workshop: Half-day workshop aiming at improving personal skills for more effective handling of reading material, master the techniques of scanning and skimming and improve the retention of written documents.
Talent pool: A unique five-day programme for ESRs, providing customised professional development training and access to practical, ‘real-life’ opportunities to develop the next generation of academics, business consultants and entrepreneurs.
Enterprise training programme (Medici): A training programme with flexible time, helping ESRs realise the commercial potential of their research, covering business strategies, marketing, finance and business planning, funding opportunities, sale and negotiation skills and networking skills.
Open science programme: Focus on publishing and communicating scientific knowledge and in particular open access and open data strategies and techniques.
Intellectual Property Rights: One-hour introduction to the formal aspects of intellectual properties, including guidelines on how to summarize research results in a way that they can be turned into powerful IPR by IPR professionals.
Technology Evaluation and Transfer: One-hour introduction to the steps of turning research results into technology, technology into innovations and innovations into products and services with a sustainable business value.
Project Management in Research: Planning, Quality and Risks: One-hour introduction to different standard methods for project management, including risk management.

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