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ECOLE Dissemination

Dissemination to the general public

Due to COVID-19, many public events were cancelled. Nevertheless, the ECOLE team were still able to reach out to the general public online. The following summarises ESRs’ and their supervisors’ dissemination to the public.


Sibghat Ullah
Title of talk: “A Brief Introduction to Artificial Intelligence”
Malvern Science in the Park Science Festival
27th June, 2020.
Target public: primary / early senior school children and their families
This online talk is part of the Malvern Science in the Park Festival, and intended to provide a brief introduction of Artificial Intelligence to the non-technical audience. The talk encompasses five components, namely the basic understanding of Artificial Intelligence, its timeline, contemporary efforts in Artificial Intelligence, and a brief list of challenges and summary. The talk is available on YouTube ( Due to covid, the event was organized online, and although it was mostly the UK-based audience, some people from outside also participated in it (like myself).

Stephen Friess
Title of talk: “Popular Science Segment Knowledge-to-Go: Nature-inspired Artificial Intelligence”
Z2X19, 31st August 2029 – 1st September 2019
Target public: A 10 minutes long talk was given within a session of the popular science segment “Knowledge-to-Go” about the roots of artificial intelligence in nature and its application, as well as introduced project ECOLE to a wider audience of mostly young adults. The event was held in Berlin, Germany.

Thiago Rios
Guest Lecture: Quo Vadis?: A Personal Perspective on Career Plan
Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC), Brazil
August 2021
Online lecture:
Deciding on a career plan is challenging for engineering students, particularly before experiencing different lines of work. In this talk, Thiago presented to engineering undergraduate students a summary about his participation in different activities during his time at the university and how it led him to his current work at HRI-EU. Also, he gave the attendees an insight on his research in the ECOLE project and how it connects to his engineering background. This talk was part of the career development course of the Mechanical Engineering department of the Federal University of Santa Catarina (UFSC, Brazil).


Leandro Minku
Invited Talk: Artificial Intelligence: What is it and how it can help us?
Semana Territorial de Ciência e Tecnologia (Science and technology event for the general public covering the North and North-East regions of Brazil)
October 2020
Online event via Google Meet due to covid19
Recorded video also available at:
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